Joan Mir's Top 3 Comebacks in 2020

  Aufrufe 201,868


Vor 2 Monate

His powers of recovery and ruthless overtaking have defined Joan Mir's title-winning season! 💪
We've picked out the World Champion's top three comebacks! 🥇
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aniq slurr
aniq slurr Vor 2 Monate
I am sure that he will become champion this year
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
@thaiboxer kru What do you mean?
thaiboxer kru
thaiboxer kru Vor Monat
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor 2 Monate
@MotoGP please banned this guy @Whistle Bolwer 88 This guy very annoying!!!!
aleksandar boskovski
aleksandar boskovski Vor 2 Monate
are you sure? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
roni marli
roni marli Vor 2 Monate
sure (salah tik : next jadi this kali ya..😅)
Hanan Kuhail
Hanan Kuhail Vor Tag
tequila3344 Vor 11 Tage
Suzuki Moto is carzy fast
Abah Kosim
Abah Kosim Vor Monat
Qistina Harry
Qistina Harry Vor Monat
franco morbidelli hold tittle for 2021
Adi Yunfat
Adi Yunfat Vor Monat
MOBELEASH Vor 2 Monate
Hi Joan, we hope you are well. Huge congratulations on your 2020 MotoGP Championship. We will be watching for a repeat in 2021. Have you heard of MOBELEASH? It is a "virtual-leash" App that will notify you on your Apple Watch WHEN you are leaving your iPhone behind ... so you can go get it! Thank you, Joan. From MOBELEASH Support.
Angel cristian Quintana Alvarez
Angel cristian Quintana Alvarez Vor 2 Monate
Only I can say viva España 🇪🇸💪😎☝️😉
Adam Sirhan
Adam Sirhan Vor 2 Monate
0:17 1:35 1:49
Nightmareplaying Vor 2 Monate
In Misano Mir drove like Quartararo and espagaro weren't there they fought for so long about the second place and he went just in there like: you haven't seen real speed didn't you? Such a phenomenal driver
Claude V.
Claude V. Vor 2 Monate
Great young world champ on a predictable and consistent bike . Good job
Heryandi Aan
Heryandi Aan Vor 2 Monate
Gak ada dari Indonesia kah yg comen
Hit My Face
Hit My Face Vor 2 Monate
rackam Vor 2 Monate
how many does he win this year? oh yeah... one... If Yamaka 2020 didn't had its mecanical problem, clearly a 2020 yamaha rider (surely number 20) would have been champion, but yamaha ruins it and brakes the DORNA laws.
rackam Vor 2 Monate
@Rapip :D I just wanted to say that yamaha factory ruined n°12,46 and 20 chances to win , by cheating. the only yamaha to have a kind of constance was n°21 as he was on a 2019 yamaha...
Rapip :D
Rapip :D Vor 2 Monate
how many podiums did Fabio got? 3, take it or leave it. and how many podiums did Mir got? 7, fun fact: 7 is a larger number than 3.
Marcelo Côutinho
Marcelo Côutinho Vor 2 Monate
Achou o ponto da acelerada, brutal🔞⚖⚔🏹🤺
Apidach Phetsuan
Apidach Phetsuan Vor 2 Monate
Menjadi Orang Tua
Menjadi Orang Tua Vor 2 Monate
Please improve your video, you can follow F1 Official video.
Stanciu Cristian
Stanciu Cristian Vor 2 Monate
that kid has LEGEND potential
Benny Hariansyah
Benny Hariansyah Vor 2 Monate
3:36 best crew reaction
Adi Yunfat
Adi Yunfat Vor 2 Monate
M1R + Blue Shark
Emmanouil Goulidakis
Emmanouil Goulidakis Vor 2 Monate
Good try, but this season's championship has been a joke. Really interesting, exciting but low quality. What kind of champion gets only one win and six podiums in a season?
Rizal Rikmaya
Rizal Rikmaya Vor 2 Monate
the same racing style as the rossi,my opinion
Wes ora Ndue udel
Wes ora Ndue udel Vor 2 Monate
Joan mirr penggannti maveric vinales
jonnies Vor 2 Monate
I thought his comeback at Le Mans in the wet was the best.
Farhan Andi
Farhan Andi Vor 2 Monate
Number 1 Marquez's mind : MotoGP Sepang 2019
Warohman Pama
Warohman Pama Vor 2 Monate
M1R is a name of Yamaha bike Right?
Michael Gunawan
Michael Gunawan Vor 2 Monate
Silent Killer
friday thirteen
friday thirteen Vor 2 Monate
vinales could have been champ too if he stayed on with suzuki
Syukra Chua
Syukra Chua Vor 2 Monate
Joan mir 👍👍👍
Angga Mokalu
Angga Mokalu Vor 2 Monate
Nyalakan nyali
New Plan
New Plan Vor 2 Monate
2020 Suzuki Sportbikes sale up
Ainur Kurniawan
Ainur Kurniawan Vor 2 Monate
the real motogp is without marc marquez
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero Vor 2 Monate
Andika DR
Andika DR Vor 2 Monate
Suzuki has great bike on cornering.
TÔI THÍCH Vor 2 Monate
Suzuki Ecstar 👏👏👏 👍
Jonathan B
Jonathan B Vor 2 Monate
2020 was the year that I got hooked on MotoGP. And Moto3!
Fuπky Juπkiε
Fuπky Juπkiε Vor 2 Monate
Suzuki always at heart
Sanjiv Rao
Sanjiv Rao Vor 2 Monate
He has something more to do for suzuki
yien gege
yien gege Vor 2 Monate
Cool 💙
En. Ijan
En. Ijan Vor 2 Monate
Fain_AMP Vor 2 Monate
3:22 cornering speed GSX-RR 2020 and rider's consistency & smooth riding-style.
ConcaveGoat Vor 2 Monate
I bought an AGV helmet a couple of years ago, just because it fit my head really well and I liked the colour scheme. Only when I got it home and did some research on it did I realise it was a replica of that years Motogp3 champion Joan Mir. Since then I've been supporting this guy, and just because I bought his helmet by accident. Can't believe he's actually gone and done it, and won a world championship. Congratulations Mir. I'm still rocking the same helmet btw.
andika bp
andika bp Vor 2 Monate
Rick Representações
Rick Representações Vor 2 Monate
Congratulations Mir and Suzuki 👏👏👏👍👍👍
ran rianto
ran rianto Vor 2 Monate
MRTsune1 Vor 2 Monate
Fun fact : first Dainese champion since 2010
Nicholas David Hutabarat
Nicholas David Hutabarat Vor 2 Monate
Fun fact: If Jack Miller could held Mir to stay 3rd, title fight is still on till the last GP with 24 points gap.
Alex Vor 2 Monate
Bravooo Juan Mir !!! You deservit !!!
Zulkifli Rewa
Zulkifli Rewa Vor 2 Monate
Shane H
Shane H Vor 2 Monate
Pathetic European championships, motogp sucks
PakBe Auto
PakBe Auto Vor 2 Monate
Jozz suzuki, salam dari pengguna RC jetcooled 😁
Stefano Black
Stefano Black Vor 2 Monate
That last lap in Misano, delicious! Amazing work Joan Mir, well earned championship! :D
Asaad Khan
Asaad Khan Vor 2 Monate
Q:-Suzuki? Ans:-Be win be KING..
Sami R
Sami R Vor 2 Monate
Glad I watched all these races live, amazing season if Rins avoids any DNF's next season we'll have great Suzuki battles.
RizTauRo LatiNo
RizTauRo LatiNo Vor 2 Monate
Why His bike much sounded like YZR M1 ? It is also Crossplane ?
Erickzy Vor 2 Monate
Yes it is, unlike the one you get in the gsxr1000 but at least it has vvt and the soothest powerband curve
Christian Lance #72
Christian Lance #72 Vor 2 Monate
Literally to the %1 reading this: God bless, stay safe, and have a wonderful day! (My dream is to become a popular Moto vlogger) Thanks! ❤
hitam manis
hitam manis Vor 2 Monate
Joan Mir style like VR46 Yellow MIR36 VR46
相澤栄成 Vor 2 Monate
スズキはここ数年でマシンもライダーも確実に速くなったよね。特に印象的なのは同じチームのライダーがトップ争いが出来ている所。相性が良いのかも知れないけれど、マシンの戦闘力が高く乗りやすくないとこうはならない。F1で言えばメルセデスのハミルトンとボッタスみたい だよね。今後のモトGP はスズキを中心に廻っていくだろう。
Fadilah Utama
Fadilah Utama Vor 2 Monate
jo gaming
jo gaming Vor 2 Monate
Lovely video
Ackerman Vor 2 Monate
He is just a normal youngman who wants go FASTER & FASTER !!!
danoer sulaiman
danoer sulaiman Vor 2 Monate
Both suzuki raider always alex rins in last race From 14 to 4 position 💪💪
james delcastilas
james delcastilas Vor 2 Monate
Mir and marques is the same ridingstyle....
Anowl Gazi
Anowl Gazi Vor 2 Monate
Forever #TeamSuzuki 💪💪💪
Arthur Nuyttens
Arthur Nuyttens Vor 2 Monate
Showwing 1 sec of the start, why???
HRW Bambang
HRW Bambang Vor 2 Monate
Amazing Suzuki..Amazing Joan mir ..👍
Steven David
Steven David Vor 2 Monate
Arasyid BlackHunter
Arasyid BlackHunter Vor 2 Monate
hoooeeeiii....where ara you kawasaki????i miss u come back in look suzuki now,there is team very2 solid
Ihkam Amanullah
Ihkam Amanullah Vor 2 Monate
White Pearl
White Pearl Vor 2 Monate
He got his first MotoGP podium this season, first win and became the 2020 World Champion. Such a great rider 👏👏. And there must be more to come if he can qualifying well for next season.
Rafael Cañadas
Rafael Cañadas Vor 2 Monate
It's like Stoner did it in 2007.
Leonardo Fabbri
Leonardo Fabbri Vor 2 Monate
Proud to have massively supported him. Great talent, amazing riding style and great guy. Sports fairytale of the year.
Kpop sh1tpost
Kpop sh1tpost Vor 2 Monate
Bayangin tahun dèpan wearpack motogp bertuliskan *SATRIA*
Nabil jihadi khalifah
Nabil jihadi khalifah Vor 2 Monate
Joan Mir is the successor to Marc Marquez #36
Iona Yuuki
Iona Yuuki Vor 2 Monate
where is Kawasaki? i really miss them :'(
Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso
Nurrahman Dwi Haryoso Vor 2 Monate
Kawa is currently complacent for being the "big fish in a small pond" of SBK
Rifque Andiqha
Rifque Andiqha Vor 2 Monate
Its THE MAN and especially THE MACHINE out of this world ABILITY to take corners LIKE THAT!! How many times have we seen that moves?? Those precise,calculated approach on those merciless bends and corners where Mir and his machine dare and wins..simply outstanding and bravado!!
Swagat Patra
Swagat Patra Vor 2 Monate
11th to 2nd.. nothing more to say, this level of performance and that too in 2nd season and during this corona season. He deserved to win
orlie vie quirante
orlie vie quirante Vor 2 Monate
I love the cameback attack of mir 35 SUZUKI ECSTAR
Kishore Sadagopan
Kishore Sadagopan Vor 2 Monate
Proud moment for Suzuki fans😍😍
Afiq Mukhriz
Afiq Mukhriz Vor 2 Monate
champion ride . class absolute class
Muge rider
Muge rider Vor 2 Monate
Suzuking good job ecstar team !! Beautifull proud to be part of ! ✌
Kiss Layy
Kiss Layy Vor 2 Monate
Well someone rightly said " Mir-raculous."
Ade Rama
Ade Rama Vor 2 Monate
Now i want to buy suzuki bike..
brata sena
brata sena Vor 2 Monate
he makes motogp looks easy in contrary it speeddangerous
chungdha Vor 2 Monate
Wonder Suzuki late in the race fast paces is it strategy or is there something more to it.
Axel Baltazhar
Axel Baltazhar Vor 2 Monate
@Diego Martinez Trully an all rounder
Axel Baltazhar
Axel Baltazhar Vor 2 Monate
@Big R C I think tires are mostly influenced by the chassis geometry and the setups. Engine could also determine the tire wear but it's down to the tuning and the mapping of the Ecu. That's why suzuki engineers told the riders to change the mapping of the engine towards the end of the gp.
Axel Baltazhar
Axel Baltazhar Vor 2 Monate
@Big R C yamaha ran with i4 aswell, the config definitely allowed for a smoother ride.
user flamingo
user flamingo Vor 2 Monate
Yep, the tires last longer on their bikes!
Big R C
Big R C Vor 2 Monate
@Izmir Azul right you are but my curiosity still stands on its effect on tyres.
OKE91 Vor 2 Monate
Season terbaik
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 2 Monate
I am a fan of valentino rossi since 1996, I respect to Mir, because his racing style is not dangerous for other riders, different from marc marquez with his racing style that can harm other riders, and remember what marc did to valentino in sepang clash 2015 cannot be forgiven by all valentino fans, Mir congratulations you deserve to be world MotoGP champion 2020. Good luck Mir
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 2 Monate
@Dontcallmeshirley REST IN PEACE Marc marquez : marc can not beat vale record + marc will be permanently disabled + marc cannot get the 9th title because he will be permanently disabled+ marc will retire early,karma sepang clash 2015 has been realized for fake champion with illegal ecu lol lol 1140
Dontcallmeshirley Vor 2 Monate
@Whistle Blower 88, You are a terrible liar 🙄
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 2 Monate
@Dontcallmeshirley Lol I have no problem with mir, I am happy if mir can reach the 9th or 10th title, unlike your puppet who will be permanently disabled, marc cannot beat Valentino's record because of the severe injury he was suffered ,I bet Marquez will retire before he gets his 9th title and it is not that easy for Honda to rebuild a new RC213V DNA unless Marc has to leave from the Honda team, if Honda continues to survive with Marc it will be a disaster for Honda, because I bet Marc's performance will decrease because due to serious injury. This is a new problem for Honda in the future, this is the fact of Karma Sepang Clash 2015 for Marc Marquez 1112
Dontcallmeshirley Vor 2 Monate
no, you respect Mir for now, because he isn't close to your idol's records. When Mir wins his 7th, 8th title (we'll see), you'll hate him too.
Dewandito Sulthanaimar Widiyarso
Dewandito Sulthanaimar Widiyarso Vor 2 Monate
Gotta love the underdogs man...
Dicky Kurniawan
Dicky Kurniawan Vor 2 Monate
First on throttle last on the brakes and don't make a mistake. Mirreculess 2020
Roberto G
Roberto G Vor 2 Monate
Farkhan Aliikhan
Farkhan Aliikhan Vor 2 Monate
Jadi pengen punya motor suzuki gsx
diesel Vor 2 Monate
A MIR for others
😔 I have to forget vehicle world the best
Sabou Lucas-Emanuel
Sabou Lucas-Emanuel Vor 2 Monate
Nikola Vidovic VI-2
Nikola Vidovic VI-2 Vor 2 Monate
CatalanGP Mir has trought on Jack Miller,MisanoGP Mir has trought on Jack Miller
Son Demix
Son Demix Vor 2 Monate
I hope I can play in this stage at the future😁😁
efun last
efun last Vor 2 Monate
His consistency and his patience is a very deadly weapon, he know exactly when and how to attack opponents without wasting time and slowing his race pace What a rider he deserved this tittle
Leo Vor 2 Monate
if he deserved he win also next year, but i think this is a title only for consistency
s14zen Vor 2 Monate
So happy for Joan Mir and Suzuki. A 20 year comeback for Suzuki! I hope they keep the GSX-RR competitive for next year! But both Rins and Mir are good riders. I hope Alex Rins can get second place in the championship to get a 1 and 2 for Suzuki.
Yudi Gumilar
Yudi Gumilar Vor 2 Monate
Mir totally deserved the tittle
Dontcallmeshirley Vor 2 Monate
of course, he collected the most points 😁 It's not like a beauty contest.
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