Joan Mir's Top 5 Moments from 2020

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The NEW #MotoGP World Champion! 🏆
It's been a season of incredible charges through the field for Joan Mir, these are the top 5 moments of his 2020 season! 🙌
#M1R #MotoGP
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Samsir Toon
Samsir Toon Vor Tag
Seharusnya yg champions adalh morbidelli. Cmn syg dia serg cres.. Dan gk dpt point..
Ivan jkie Jkie
Ivan jkie Jkie Vor 2 Tage
Mahmudi Mahmudi
Mahmudi Mahmudi Vor 4 Tage
Sosi and fisi
Derf Reab
Derf Reab Vor 8 Tage
Congratulations mer well done👍👍👍
KIRAN T Raj Vor 9 Tage
Finally Suzuki got the result after a long wait.
Johan Bae
Johan Bae Vor 9 Tage
Jason Hall
Jason Hall Vor 11 Tage
Another exaggerated edit - yet more unnecessary transitions and effects that make it harder to watch. The content is more than engaging on it's own - throwing a load of effects at the clip just distracts.
Nor Syafiq
Nor Syafiq Vor 16 Tage
The Random Guys {LarY}
The Random Guys {LarY} Vor 17 Tage
Rossie n marquez just laughing from mars 😂😂😂😂
moch.a.chusen Chusen
moch.a.chusen Chusen Vor 18 Tage
Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan Vor 18 Tage
Joan mir #36 Incridibels..Team Suzuki Come Back To Champion
FisteInnit Vor 19 Tage
Just wait when Marquez come there will be no one who can beat him
Lapyou Gaming
Lapyou Gaming Vor 19 Tage
Maldonator 13
Maldonator 13 Vor 20 Tage
Imagine if someone told you that this guy will be a champ before the season’ve started.
The Tigeroza
The Tigeroza Vor 20 Tage
Here’s another proof that the consistency means the most in racing. Mir has only one win and he’s already a champion.
Fajar Juandri
Fajar Juandri Vor 22 Tage
Suzuki 👍
Financial Health
Financial Health Vor 27 Tage
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Kevin O'Leary
Kevin O'Leary Vor 27 Tage
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Mary Horace
Mary Horace Vor 27 Tage
Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him .
NBC News
NBC News Vor 27 Tage
'm so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr Mark after a week I received $6468 to my bank
Matt Kohrs
Matt Kohrs Vor 27 Tage
Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him. I was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫
Alpha Status Stocks
Alpha Status Stocks Vor 27 Tage
I met Mr Mark Robert last year for the first time at a conference in Manchester, I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £143,670
Cc15 Vor 28 Tage
Can we call him „The Professor“ of two Wheels?
Mbal 40
Mbal 40 Vor 29 Tage
He stepped up while Fabio crumbled
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor 29 Tage
even when he was still in moto3, many people said that he will be the next marc marquez. loot at his elbow down riding style
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor 29 Tage
MY TOP 10 RANK FOR 2021 1. franco morbidelli 2. joan mir 3. jack miller 4. alex rins 5. marc marquez 6. miguel oliveira 7. maverick vinales 8. fabio quartararo 9. alex marquez 10. valentino rossi
Arkaan Shodiq Alhaidar
Arkaan Shodiq Alhaidar Vor 29 Tage
Top 5 alex marquez
KopraL Jono Fans
KopraL Jono Fans Vor 29 Tage
Ma mande ma marquez
Top 5 joan mir
Black Sheep Productions
Black Sheep Productions Vor 29 Tage
Jack's Ducati looks too tall in the rear end. Height wise. Can't be good for centre of gravity.
Al Azizu.S
Al Azizu.S Vor 29 Tage
Coba bisa live di youtube ya.. Hmm
Sondari Mustikawati
Sondari Mustikawati Vor Monat
Gua sebagai fans berat moto gp dari indonesia sangat merindukan suguhan dari moto gp, walapun baru satu bulan habis season tapi udh pingin liat balapan lagii
Christian Noble
Christian Noble Vor Monat
He was not as dominant as MM was over the years he was crowned Champion but JM36 was consistent whole year, he worked hard for his title, none the less.
No Luck JK
No Luck JK Vor Monat
Kenny Roberts Jr: This kid, Joan Mir, had did what I had done exactly 20 years ago on the Suzuki bike! Hail Joan Mir! Hail Suzuki!
Sri Hartati
Sri Hartati Vor Monat
youbidoubidou Vor Monat
More yelling then exciting action scenes. :-(
Abraham Jacob
Abraham Jacob Vor Monat
will you guys stop doing these over the top visual effects? looks cheap AF and stop using shitty loud music, just allow people to listen to motor sounds and crowd sounds. Stop wasting time with effects and just start the content.
Bintang Alkhalifi
Bintang Alkhalifi Vor Monat
Yanti Arie
Yanti Arie Vor Monat
taun depan yakin persaingan bakal lbh ketat,mir,rins,quartararo,morbideli..kuda hitam nya vinales,alex marquez
Hilmiy Hudzaifah Arraihan
Hilmiy Hudzaifah Arraihan Vor Monat
Yang dari Indonesia like
Adi Yunfat
Adi Yunfat Vor Monat
Amogh Verma
Amogh Verma Vor Monat
The Yamahas Decline as the Suzuki rises......... The Moto GP is a highly unstable environment!!! How do these motor companies manage their funds!!!!! Just crazy😁😁
No Luck JK
No Luck JK Vor Monat
Plot twist: Aprilia suddenly smoke everyone on the grid and captured the treble. Nah, I'm joking.
Ccp Official Channel A.T
Ccp Official Channel A.T Vor Monat
Next : Alex Rins Top 5 moments from 2020 🏆👍
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
it was already uploaded
AZ GAMING 34 Vor Monat
World Championship Joan Mir ❤️🔥
Budi Santoso
Budi Santoso Vor Monat
2021 stars are Rins, Mir, Binder We will see
"Next dovioso top 5 moment
sollydogg Vor Monat
A lot more wins and podiums for suzuki next year, if Joan and Alex stay fit they will be fighting for the championship 🏆
Luciano Comi
Luciano Comi Vor Monat
Si è montato troppo la testa
Francesco Zanellati
Francesco Zanellati Vor Monat
In my opinion, the podium ahead of Rossi on the Misano 1 track gave Mir a great boost. Maybe it was the moment when he began to believe in the title seeing Quartararo's difficulties.
Nabil jihadi khalifah
Nabil jihadi khalifah Vor Monat
0:03 😥😥🤧
Ariana Wyatt
Ariana Wyatt Vor Monat
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Eva risto
Eva risto Vor 2 Tage
Tf is all this crap?😂
Zen Re:
Zen Re: Vor 23 Tage
@Loris Selviansyah They are all bots. It's a ploy to get you to study their crypto courses. Ignore and report them.
Brian Ford
Brian Ford Vor 28 Tage
@Whistle Blower 98 I believe you must have heard of crypto currency. You can invest on it especially with the current rise
Brian Ford
Brian Ford Vor 28 Tage
A friend that i referred to her just received $7,050 profit after 10 days of investing. I became jealous...... Lol
Whistle Blower 98
Whistle Blower 98 Vor 28 Tage
@Loris Selviansyah Maybe they are trader who get lost in this MotoGP YT Channel
idzi756 Vor Monat
For me champion should win not cloosing top5 the rules should be changed in favor of scoring only people standing on the podium ... it is totally unfair to fabio or franko that mir won only once, and in such a way that the team partner (alex rins) gave him the leading position
Muhammad Ahmad Jumasa
Muhammad Ahmad Jumasa Vor 24 Tage
If so, your opinion is unfair for riders in 2-15, they won't get points at all
s14zen Vor Monat
The best season since 2000!!! Suzuki back on top! The best thing of 2020! Mir proved as Roberts Jr. did that you can win motogp championships on a Suzuki! Mirraculous!!!!!
STILL Vor Monat
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈
Martin Kaufmann
Martin Kaufmann Vor Monat
Great season! No boring hondayamha year! I expect an even better season 2021 with KTM Suzuki and more!
コリン Vor Monat
Suzuki Number 1️⃣!
Last Prophet
Last Prophet Vor Monat
46 to 36 fanboiiii
Last Prophet
Last Prophet Vor Monat
G. S. X. R 1 0000000 RRRR
Сергей Силин
Сергей Силин Vor Monat
Kevin Schwantz34 Joan Mir36 SUZUKI 💪 .
Moto Morpheus
Moto Morpheus Vor Monat
Makes me proud to own a gsxr
The Random Guys {LarY}
The Random Guys {LarY} Vor 17 Tage
Hahaha...when u smoke weeds and you forget that you not even own a *GSXR* will be like...lets laugh together for him 😂😂😂
Icicle Fledglings
Icicle Fledglings Vor 21 Tag
pics or it didn't happen ;)
Maki Tiong
Maki Tiong Vor Monat
why does joan mir's silhouette looks like rossi's. he looks like a shadow of the doctor.
Daniel Batta
Daniel Batta Vor Monat
gran año de #JM36, se saco todas las mochilas pesadas, ahora van a tener que correrlo.
Terminusest Vor Monat
We need Davide Brivio's top 5 moments 2020!
Angela Gabasa
Angela Gabasa Vor 13 Tage
its_butthead-_- Vor Monat
I heard his heart crying at the end that’s such a big accomplishment considering I tried motorcycles when I was 7 kinda rushed into it but I still love them to this day
White Pearl
White Pearl Vor Monat
1:25 WHAT A MOVE. Mir really rode to the max in early races to secure many points and did the minimum thing to minimize the risks at the end of the races to take the World Title 💪💪
Vini Almeida
Vini Almeida Vor Monat
Mir 🇪🇦🏁🏍️🏆
Princes Mira Romagos
Princes Mira Romagos Vor Monat
Best wishes for joan mir in 2021 MOTOGP from fabio fan.❤️❤️💪
Guilherme Ferrão
Guilherme Ferrão Vor Monat
Mir win 1 fucking race and win the Champion, so unfairrr, Jack Miller and morbidelle deserve to win this champ.
Dimas Aprilliyandi
Dimas Aprilliyandi Vor Monat
Best livery, best motorcycle, best rider 2020 🙏🙏
Abdul's Cycles
Abdul's Cycles Vor Monat
woww so awesome.....
ahmad N
ahmad N Vor Monat
Suzuki really cannot be underestimated
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
joan mir rivals next year would be franco morbidelli, alex rins, jack miller, and marc maquez. but miguel oliveira can be a threat too. still don't know what improvement that factory yamaha do next year, so, I hope vinales and fabio can be competitors too
143DREWID Vor Monat
So... another season of MotoGP.
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
what is miss from joan mir that he needs to win races much more, so, there is no people who underrate him or saying that he won the title because of lucky, if he wants people acknowledge him as world champion, he needs to win at least 5 races next year. actually, he has a complete package: goob bike, solid team, he is also has good skill and very consistent and still very young
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
hE wInS tItLe bEcAuSe hE iS lUcKy!!!! hE nEeD tO wIn mOrE rAcEs!!! Oh my god the italians rider fan is very blind fanatics isn't?
143DREWID Vor Monat
You must mean sheeple, not people. Those of us who see the champion as a champion in one of the tightest seasons ever. Do not need more soyboy stimulus for personal affirmation. After Marquez total domination for several years, now a new psychology for chimps Champs?
Warrior Samsung
Warrior Samsung Vor Monat
Who is the idiot inserting graphics.. is it required here. Please remove this guy and employ better guys. There are plenty of guys who do good job. Not like this idiot editor.
Deffa Kalingga
Deffa Kalingga Vor Monat
very emotional moment, I watched all MotoGP series from 2015 and always supported the Suzuki team. The moments I always remember are the victories at Silverstone 2016 and the pole position in Catalunya 2015, and 2017 was a difficult season for them. finally 5 years after the comeback the Suzuki team now very competitive and they are now even world champions👏✊
Jame Andy
Jame Andy Vor Monat
Loris Selviansyah
Loris Selviansyah Vor Monat
Let's hope (this Suzuki squad) are not season wonder like 2000
Ronnie Rush
Ronnie Rush Vor Monat
The racing is great Thanks:-) >> BUT the special effects in your videos sometimes make me feel sick :-(
keturunan kusuma
keturunan kusuma Vor Monat
blue white shark
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis Vor Monat
Great for the sport Best thing when the Pest Troll crashed out in RACE 1 in JEREZ , Head Quarters for Dorna Repsol Honda ....... Awesome for Suzuki !
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
I know people can free give opinion but your opinion is overconfident......
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
What the fuck you hating Repsol Honda so much?
Sala MarcuGiac
Sala MarcuGiac Vor Monat
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Eko Aminudin
Eko Aminudin Vor Monat
Suzuki has progress the best,, next year be great prototype.. Came on guys go to my channel,,any new content
Sweet Candy
Sweet Candy Vor Monat
Joan Mir 🥰
M.dzaky. Vor Monat
Ketika motogp Rusia di lalsanain Rider: hardbass, vodka, and cyka blyat
Loris Selviansyah
Loris Selviansyah Vor Monat
@Aldo Dafino terakhir 2010, itupun di Moto2
Jame Andy
Jame Andy Vor Monat
M.dzaky. Vor Monat
@Velan Velan Saja 😂😂😂
Aldo Dafino
Aldo Dafino Vor Monat
Di MotoGP gk ada rider Rusia ya? Klo di F1 ada Daniil Kvyat
Velan Velan Saja
Velan Velan Saja Vor Monat
Truz ntar ditempat kita tuak, ciyu, arak gitu ya 😅
Paulo Jn.
Paulo Jn. Vor Monat
Inferiorizados Vor Monat
Loris Selviansyah
Loris Selviansyah Vor Monat
His career are so fast 😲 He became the first Suzuki rider to win the title since Kenny Roberts Jr. in 2000, the first non-Honda or non-Yamaha rider to win the title since Ducati rider Casey Stoner in 2007, as well as the first Moto3 world champion to win the premier class title.
Muhammad Ahmad Jumasa
Muhammad Ahmad Jumasa Vor 24 Tage
@aukejan marques was 125cc champ not moto3,, 2010 was the first season of moto2, not moto3
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor 29 Tage
@aukejan 125cc i think
aukejan Vor 29 Tage
Marquez was also moto 3 world champion but in 2010 moto 3 has a different name
Cesar Villegas
Cesar Villegas Vor Monat
It's not motorcycles!! He's the pilot!! Joan Mir The best!!
Lei Huang
Lei Huang Vor Monat
What a year for Suzuki, raring to see whats next when the fields a bit different
Jevon Loud
Jevon Loud Vor Monat
Go Joan mir.
VIARA BS Vor Monat
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Vor Monat
Esti Sabila
Esti Sabila Vor Monat
Joan mir🔥
Ahmad Caca
Ahmad Caca Vor Monat
Pap sapi
roland adhyasta chanel
roland adhyasta chanel Vor Monat
Diam diam ganas
zim video
zim video Vor Monat
I really like it😍😍😍😍😍
may nardi
may nardi Vor Monat
Joan Mir is the youngest MotoGP World Champion since 2000 Kenny Roberts Junior
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 28 Tage
ahnafishan how dare you make hoax news about Speedweek!!, you are a bad person for slandering and making hate speech about Speedweek, give me proof with a link when Speedweek made fake news about Valentino? oh my god you insult the speedweek owner too !!! clearly proven that it is you who make hoax news and give hate speech. lol 45213@(?=,/-+
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 28 Tage
wb98 you is typical of mm93 fans, when you are in a corner and you can't answer you always avoid facts, i already give a proof you just bulshit, Speedweek was leaked the fact that marquez team's was used illegal ecu in moto 2, Remember Spredweek is a media information that is well known from germany and independent,Lol Dorna has failed to create a new idol that is Marquez, because Vale has won everyone's hearts, Remember vale has the most fans in motogp. Marquez is a loser because he has a small fan base. This proof of the link mm 93 was use ILEGAL ECU IN MOTO2, lol 63-$:/?987 Valentino Rossi forever Greatest of all Time Marc forever fake champion with illegal ecu in moto2.
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor 28 Tage
@Whistle Blower 88, #HATERGONNADIE
Whistle Blower 98
Whistle Blower 98 Vor 28 Tage
@Whistle Blower 88, All your accussation about Marc is based on a stupid article like Speedweek and Motoracenation.😂😂😂. The sore loser just wanted some timeframe in the media puored shit with no proof to back it up and only blind fanatics Rossi fan are all over it 😂😂😂😂
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor 28 Tage
wb98 Please read this update news, Breaking News: REST IN PEACE RIP marc marquez, Marc radial nerves have been destroyed marc must be absent in the 2021 season, Karma for marc marquez ,Marc will be amputated+ marc can not beat vale record + marc will be permanently disabled + marc cannot get the 9th title because he will be permanently disabled+ marc will retire early,karma sepang clash 2015 has been realized for fake champion with illegal ecu 63214@$"/,*+@'89
Fans Valentino rossi
Fans Valentino rossi Vor Monat
Woe yang bezzechi mana njir?
Riza Ananda Rusmana
Riza Ananda Rusmana Vor Monat
Joan mir 36
Farid Wajeddi
Farid Wajeddi Vor Monat
Lana Išpanov
Lana Išpanov Vor Monat
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