Taka Nakagami: being honest with yourself & learning from Marc Marquez | Last On The Brakes Podcast

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That’s it. We’re done. Season two of Last On The Brakes comes to a close and with another high profile guest - one of the sensations of the 2020 season, Takaaki Nakagami! He’s actually the first return guest we’ve had on the podcast after we spoke to him last year so this time we wanted to breeze through his origin story and hit him straight with the burning questions we had in mind - his honesty to himself and the media when he makes mistakes and what it’s like looking at Marc Marquez’s data and trying to emulate what he does on the track. Huge thanks to Taka for his openness, we hope you all appreciate what we think is up there in the top 3 most interesting podcasts we’ve done this year!
Quick note as well to say thank you for the interaction this season and of course for listening… see you in 2021!
Topics & Timecodes:
0:00 - Intro
5:09 - Choosing between 2 and 4 wheels
9:42 - The next wave of Japanese racing talent
14:30 - Growing the sport at home
16:55 - Pressure and how he deals with it
21:00 - Why honesty is the best policy
27:30 - Learning to ride like Marc Marquez
33:50 - Kenwood Quickfire
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MotoGP Vor Monat
Question of the week! Honesty is the best policy, what do you guys think? Let us know down in the comments below… hope you enjoyed this last episode of 2020 and let us know who you’d like to see on the podcast in 2021!
Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn Vor Monat
@Martin McMartin Thanks Martin! We intend to :)
Martin McMartin
Martin McMartin Vor Monat
Loved this stripped down, laid back format, please keep it this way👍
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
@Whistle Bowler 88 should be banned......
Erik Gee
Erik Gee Vor Monat
It's most useful policy for sure, but not always the best.
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Vor Monat
Motogp jest fajne
Fin AI
Fin AI Vor Monat
So cool to hear him speak.
jem77custom Vor Monat
my son seemed better mini bike rider than kart driver. however he takes tablet for racing! that was unpredictable
nyxkiel brecia
nyxkiel brecia Vor Monat
ILOVEYOU TAKA 😊😊 there's always a new beginning and another chances in life hope you continue being you and make it right the way you knew. . ❤️ Takanakagamis' way 😊😊
DocLord94 Vor Monat
Anybody else want to see all of the team managers around a table to discuss the season?
matilda lubanga
matilda lubanga Vor Monat
He is one of the reasons why I love Motor Gp
Joe Achilles
Joe Achilles Vor Monat
Fantastic closing Podcast guys, enjoyed each and everyone this year! Have a great Christmas and well deserved break :-) See you in 2021!
Nakagamiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I’m sure your gonna be the next legendary Japanese rider “Norick”!!! Can’t wait to see your ride next season!!!
Fey Felice
Fey Felice Vor Monat
Funny how he's Japanese but sound like Spanish :D
8C_Michael Christian
8C_Michael Christian Vor Monat
I just know that motogp has podcast
ALi Syahbana
ALi Syahbana Vor Monat
Rahmat Alfin
Rahmat Alfin Vor Monat
Nakagami top
John Bolan
John Bolan Vor Monat
Taka will be a champion one day.
フェニックスアルペジオ Vor Monat
ハイネマンエドワード Vor Monat
Andrew Ooms
Andrew Ooms Vor Monat
Taka is a absolute gem
Ferry Setyawan
Ferry Setyawan Vor Monat
..for me Taka is always a great rider who show concistency in most of every races. Podium is only about a time. He is a hardworker and well understand about that. Wish better achievement of him in 2021.
Rheza Dimas
Rheza Dimas Vor Monat
Waiting for your first podium Taka-san
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison Vor Monat
Really impressed with Takaaki, I’m certain he has the ability to be a world champ. It’s interesting how much Italian influences in his hand movements and accent. 😀
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor Monat
Disaster for Honda For the first time, Honda did not win a series since 1982 because Honda made the RC213V only for Marc.
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, STOP
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, stop
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, stop
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, stop
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor Monat
@Ahnafhisan WS Carlo pernat was said: "Alex Marquez looked like a drowned rat, Nakagami is not bad but the bike is not proving to be a winner. Marquez wins, but tell us something we don’t know. Honda was wrong not to focus on young riders in its satellite team, as Ducati, Yamaha and KTM did. HRC is paying for its arrogance ”.lol 1213 www.gpone.com/en/2020/08/10/motogp/pernat-ktm-won-thanks-to-hondas-disastrous-strategy.html
ikwa paraguai12
ikwa paraguai12 Vor Monat
TN30 next year is the next marc marquez from asia
fa riu
fa riu Vor Monat
Taka cant wait for you next year
DZULKA Ar-Rahmat
DZULKA Ar-Rahmat Vor Monat
Podium juga kagak, gausah sok hebat lu
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@oops2 😂👌
Rapip :D
Rapip :D Vor Monat
lu paling kalo pake motornya dia langsung highside waktu nyampe 20° lean angle
Eni Mardiana
Eni Mardiana Vor Monat
Bacot kok bisa di media doang
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
@Dzulka Ar-Rahmat Mampus lo Banyak yang ngehujat lo
Myesha Myria
Myesha Myria Vor Monat
Dia ngomong apa yak.. Kok dibilang sok hebat kok selama saya dengerin kaya gak ada omongan dia yang membanggakan hasilnya 😁😁
BarryEssex Vor Monat
What a lovely lad, good luck in 2021
Tommy Iskandar
Tommy Iskandar Vor Monat
Tommy Iskandar
Tommy Iskandar Vor Monat
@Lor4899 i from Indonesia heheh
Tommy Iskandar
Tommy Iskandar Vor Monat
@Lor4899 I translated it from google 😂
Lor4899 Vor Monat
aleel gaming
aleel gaming Vor Monat
Podcast of joan mir yes ?
midnightsunturbo Vor Monat
Throughly enjoyed the interview 👍
Angga Pradipta
Angga Pradipta Vor Monat
Wow, what I learnt from Nakagami-san in this Podcast is how he managed his anxiousness perfectly by learning from the past. He realised if in every condition, human has their own natural anxiousness, so he decided to be honest to himself. That was the greatest point! And I really love his commitment about honesty--that he won't show his "dark side", and only be a truthful person.
fabbox Vor Monat
Raymond XL
Raymond XL Vor Monat
Nakagami's Race Win is coming soon!!!
Dee Bastian
Dee Bastian Vor Monat
@Raymond XL hahahaha
Raymond XL
Raymond XL Vor Monat
@Dee Bastian sorry i have a contact named Takagami and it was autocorrected. 😅😅😅
Dee Bastian
Dee Bastian Vor Monat
Nakagami lol
Viranda Ariesta
Viranda Ariesta Vor Monat
Robert S
Robert S Vor Monat
one cool dude!!👌
Ricky Gustianto
Ricky Gustianto Vor Monat
Love how Marc give him advice
Maeve Sterling
Maeve Sterling Vor Monat
waiting for his first podium
José Júlio Gonçalves
José Júlio Gonçalves Vor Monat
I would like for you to have Jack Miller, Casey Stoner, Cal, Biaggi.
Nor Syafiq
Nor Syafiq Vor Monat
There is no casey stoner and cal biaggi
Cloyrakey Vor Monat
I always support you Taka!!
Aji Setiawan
Aji Setiawan Vor Monat
5,4,3,2,1 close the door 😂
Aji Setiawan
Aji Setiawan Vor Monat
@Putriyantiwi ohh salah ya🙏 😂
Putriyantiwi Vor Monat
Maaf salah server bukan pocast dedy coburze:v
Liane Blane
Liane Blane Vor Monat
For heaven's sake take off your masks. You sound like 2 muffled mineral miners 🙂
McFried Catfood Sandwiches
McFried Catfood Sandwiches Vor Monat
call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!
Desy Amelina S
Desy Amelina S Vor Monat
焼いたハム Vor Monat
Mike Clements
Mike Clements Vor Monat
Ohio Taka San!
Ahmad Fauzan
Ahmad Fauzan Vor Monat
カスタネットキング Vor Monat
最高のコメントありがとうございます😭 全ては解読できなかったけど、 良いシーズンで終えれた笑顔は 最高でした!! HRCチームの各データを参考に最高のポテンシャルが出た事、マルクにいろんな事教わった事 来シーズンはマルクも復活だけど、共に接戦している事をファンとして応援させていただきます!!ゆっくりオフシーズン迎えてくださいね!
Romina Alderete
Romina Alderete Vor Monat
Lidya Rossy channel
Lidya Rossy channel Vor Monat
Spainsh ???
random guy
random guy Vor Monat
Ranum rindu
Ranum rindu Vor Monat
Piotr Kobielus
Piotr Kobielus Vor Monat
Prim Dash
Prim Dash Vor Monat
TN 30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Muhammad Dandi
Muhammad Dandi Vor Monat
Always waiting for podium
Ahnafhisan WS
Ahnafhisan WS Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, Please stop send another bullshit.... Nobody care.......
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor Monat
@Suci Valentina why do I keep repeating the same thing? because until now you can't answer my question, as long as you can't answer it, this will always happen and because you are afraid of the truth and facts. lol 4320
Whistle Blower 88,
Whistle Blower 88, Vor Monat
@Guda Uda yes you are right, I can provide evidence with the article link, but they are just nonsense, until now they cannot answer questions from me, it's useless to talk to them because they are noobs,
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Ahnafhisan WS yeah
Suci Valentina
Suci Valentina Vor Monat
@Whistle Blower 88, this guy being spamm
Aisyah Tsurayya
Aisyah Tsurayya Vor Monat
Komen Negara indonesia 🇮🇩 kumpul di Sini 👋 . I'am from indonesian 🇮🇩
Shukaku 1
Shukaku 1 Vor Monat
@ikwa paraguai12 aku bro 😁
T4 PLAY Vor Monat
@ikwa paraguai12 dr moto 2 selalu dukung bro
ikwa paraguai12
ikwa paraguai12 Vor Monat
@Hasah Chan Adakah diantara Kita yang mendukung nakagami ditahun depan gaes?
Hario Bilowo
Hario Bilowo Vor Monat
Apa dik aisyah... 😍😍
Aisyah Tsurayya
Aisyah Tsurayya Vor Monat
Betul betul betul 😂
Vedant Vor Monat
When he says how he lied about his mental state to his Family and even to himself than facing it and that later started accumulating as trauma, you know very well why Japan's over-worked culture needs to break off, they need to focus on citizens' mental state by raising awareness and look at them as Humans not Robots.
fa riu
fa riu Vor Monat
Youre right how Japanese man over worked culture needs to break off... Even weekend they stay in office no time for family even for himself to relax...they always stres manage about job and job... Am sick of it, i think i should leave him and let him marry his job.
Evilzin Abyssranger
Evilzin Abyssranger Vor Monat
@Michael Dao yeah. And as a small country and with little to no resources , japan NEED to exceed itself to progress/sucess. If they sold a cheap bad tv, they break. If the do a boring game, they break, bad cars for industry? They break. Bad motorcycles? They break. And soon theres no Japan, just a shadow of its former glory. I see that in the people of Israel too. If they downt excell themselves, they would not even exist nowadays. But if think that Japanese people could be more open to themselves to break the barrier between woman and man and how they are doing bad when it comes to find somebody and have a son.
Michael Dao
Michael Dao Vor Monat
What most people don’t understand is that we don’t see them like robots. Americans or westerners think it’s like that. But in actuality it’s the expectation to meet and to better yourself. The problem is that there’s no end goal unless it’s success. That’s the foundation of a lot of Asian culture. You can say every race/culture has that but for Asians it’s deep within their roots
Johannes Schön
Johannes Schön Vor Monat
its not just japan its the "modern" world ^^
Benny Mahen
Benny Mahen Vor Monat
Wow, he's spanish.
Fast Company
Fast Company Vor Monat
He's lived in Spain for years
Abhirup Nath
Abhirup Nath Vor Monat
@Jaime CM he spent much of his career in europe. Thats the reason
Jaime CM
Jaime CM Vor Monat
@Abhirup Nath but sounds like spanish/italian
Abhirup Nath
Abhirup Nath Vor Monat
He's japanese smh🤦
Muhamad Hazuan Hariz Zulkifli
Muhamad Hazuan Hariz Zulkifli Vor Monat
the video didn't show in my subscription feed.
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