Top 10 Crashes of the Decade

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Vor Monat

Ten jaw-dropping crashes from the last ten years! 😱
Some had huge impacts on the outcome of world titles, but fortunately no riders were seriously injured! 🙌
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Aldo ihsan
Aldo ihsan Vor Tag
Le Mans 2016
Irish001 Vor 2 Tage
Austrozelli Vor 6 Tage
ok cool
Elsa Nadia
Elsa Nadia Vor 9 Tage
VR46 did not kill Simoncelli
andy andy
andy andy Vor 12 Tage
Respect ~
Boonsquid Vor 17 Tage
over the top special effects guys, they are at times obstructing the view of exactly what we wanted to see! (1:23)
Morf Cz
Morf Cz Vor 19 Tage
where is vinales crash in the redbull ring in 2020
Cams Guy
Cams Guy Vor 23 Tage
crashes of the decade for me was simmoncelli,tomizawa and luis salom
cvmell Vor 24 Tage
Całkiem ciekawy film!
Muhamad Hanafi
Muhamad Hanafi Vor 26 Tage
Jose Tan
Jose Tan Vor Monat
Is it me or I always see flying repsols
Sven Laurijsen
Sven Laurijsen Vor Monat
On the 6 one almost every body went out of the track
Thierry Marchand
Thierry Marchand Vor Monat
... En même temps, c'est le risque de leur métier ... : ce qui est insupportable ce sont les hurlements des commentateurs !!!
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly Vor Monat
I completely agree with number 1. While these guys are professionals, that was Rossi's wake up call to get off the bike and retire. His $150M won't do him any good lying in a coffin.
Nazmi Halim
Nazmi Halim Vor Monat
khasya hilman
khasya hilman Vor Monat
Lorenzo gangguuu
Asyraf Iqmal
Asyraf Iqmal Vor Monat
No hafizh syahrin crash here. It the most horrible crash i think this year in moto 2.
Tech Studio
Tech Studio Vor Monat
What type of careless motherfuckers are responsible for track maintenance...oil spill...really ? Thank god no one was seriously injured. Bikes travelling at 200 mph..they should have taken better care of the track
Vincent Klein
Vincent Klein Vor Monat
Just please use other Transitions betwen the cuts. The ones you are Unsing Right now are just horrible to Watch. So much pain in my eyes
Fusiondude 321
Fusiondude 321 Vor Monat
What about Marc's and Maverick's crash going up hill? Marc almost died, and Maverick just escaped..
El Diablo 20
El Diablo 20 Vor Monat
PI 2019?
Aku Pegu
Aku Pegu Vor Monat
The editor needs to be trained on basics in editing, beginner level course in basics in editing.
rowen Vor Monat
this decade has only been this year
M AWI Vor Monat
Follow me
Andreas Pietsch
Andreas Pietsch Vor Monat
not to forget the huge one in this years Moto2 race at austria. expected this one to be on this list for sure what about the sepang clash? the termas clash?
Daan Haertjens
Daan Haertjens Vor Monat
Marco simoncelli his deadly chrash?
Avannia Atri
Avannia Atri Vor Monat
This shit's fucking terrifying.
Exo Crown
Exo Crown Vor Monat
I think Jack Miller should be #1. That was so terrible. But, awesome he walked away. Man is built like a tank.
Dipanjana Garai
Dipanjana Garai Vor Monat
6 was so funny
Krzysztof Bodzianowski
Krzysztof Bodzianowski Vor Monat
Valentino got second life🙏🙏🙏
Таня Луганская
Таня Луганская Vor Monat
Lee Andrew
Lee Andrew Vor Monat
chills down my spine
RvnXY17_ Vor Monat
vee dee
vee dee Vor Monat
Rossi’s highside at mugello was ridiculous
Ryan Polk
Ryan Polk Vor Monat
Absolutely trash editing. Stop the special effects
LR MUSIC Vor Monat
Personally shouldn’t Rossi retire now, he’s the king but that nr.1 crash was too close.
behumble Vor Monat
Where Syahrin crash????
UMU-i-D Vor Monat
Rossi missed two bikes, one behind, and one ahead of him. Truly incredible. Goes to show, when your number's not up, you'll survive anything
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
that's why motogp is called THE MOST DANGEROUS SPORT IN THE WORLD
El Diablo 20
El Diablo 20 Vor Monat
Isle of man tt hmm
Anubhav Pal
Anubhav Pal Vor Monat
4:24 The Green Biker is freakingly lucky.
Arsy Pratama
Arsy Pratama Vor Monat
Gennady Mickasevich
Gennady Mickasevich Vor Monat
Where is Michele pirro's 2018 crash ??? It's the most brutal crash in motogp's history ! Try to google it guys ..
Oriol Búrdalo Moral
Oriol Búrdalo Moral Vor Monat
46+12= 58 Simon...
jcsrst Vor Monat
That is unwatchable because of the sh*tty annoying graphics !
Life Is Unfair
Life Is Unfair Vor Monat
F1 drivers have left the chat.
M Ilham
M Ilham Vor Monat
Nah they far worst. Have u seen Grosjean crash?
Nathan Bingham
Nathan Bingham Vor Monat
Khaerullah Vor Monat
leslieay1 Vor Monat
OMG he made a spin plus fell down
Matteo Beneduce
Matteo Beneduce Vor Monat
I Remember that Hayden did something similar to Jack Miller, but he was Launched behind the barriers where the tyres are. I expected that accident to hit the list.
Lewy Sav
Lewy Sav Vor Monat
Give ya self a laugh. Turn playback speed down to 0.25 and skip to 4:07. It kind of turns it into some creepy horror film.
3NTR Vor Monat
Meanwhile in football ...
Brody Kaufman
Brody Kaufman Vor Monat
3:25 when the dog sees a squirrel and chases it, but hits the fence
Brody Kaufman
Brody Kaufman Vor Monat
1:45 when the school fire alarm rings
BlueFlag Alpha
BlueFlag Alpha Vor Monat
That crash cost Stoner the title
Bernardo Bortolotto
Bernardo Bortolotto Vor Monat
alternative title: top 10 highsides of the decade
friday thirteen
friday thirteen Vor Monat
rossi got a new life in 2020
Neutral Warlord 2
Neutral Warlord 2 Vor Monat
The 2020 Austrian left EVERYONE speechless
9 9
9 9 Vor Monat
You forgot simoncelli crash
Assault 13
Assault 13 Vor Monat
Nah boi, let him rest in piece
Subbot Vor Monat
Most of them are from Honda😂
RYAN PRATAMA Bugis Vor Monat
Jam brpa min moto jp bos
Axelle Film
Axelle Film Vor Monat
Why marco simoncelli crash is not here
fian rofiandi
fian rofiandi Vor Monat
Content was good, the editing no
Macca Macca
Macca Macca Vor Monat
Crash #2 is spelt off not of.
Kiwi_353 Vor Monat
I was expecting vinales’s no breaks crash to be on here
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
actually, there are still many crashes which are more horrible than these, especially which cost of lives, such as, shoya tomizawa crash and marco simoncelli crash, not including daijiro kato. I think it would be better if motogp compiles only top 10 crashes of 2020, because in 2020 there are also many big crashes, such as: zarco, marc, alex, vinales, marini, lowes, syahrin, canet, etc
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Vor Monat
Sometimes i feel like the moto gp editor has to much fun chill it down a bit pls lol
David Rinmawia
David Rinmawia Vor Monat
4:23 rossi was soo lucky with 2 motorcycle accidents
Ibnu Maulana
Ibnu Maulana Vor Monat
I agree
Eppo Franken
Eppo Franken Vor Monat
Missing the horrible step off of Vinales.
Cédric Benoit
Cédric Benoit Vor Monat
I respect every driver and rider in motorsport..people usually dont realize that these guys put their life on the line every time they step on the track..massive respect.
thenateos Vor Monat
Johann Zarco, Romain Grosjean : pas de titre pour la France dans les catégories reines de vitesse, mais assurément les moments les plus marquants de 2020.
Александр Васильевич
Александр Васильевич Vor Monat
Тысяча лайков ребята 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Harum MF
Harum MF Vor Monat
The last is most lucky
XSanXMaX_GD Vor Monat
the worst motogp top since there have been much uglier falls like simoncelli 2011 sepang rossi-stoner 2011 jerez lorenzo 2012 valencia philips island 2016 moto3 etc
Olivyay Vor Monat
The visual effects you add on all the 'action' videos are really distracting and add no value, please stop.
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor Monat
1) rossi, 2) crashy stoner, 3) marc morecrash
Alicia García Alonso
Alicia García Alonso Vor Monat
Viva MotoGP
Daniel Enzo
Daniel Enzo Vor Monat
Where is Sepang 2011 & Silverstone 2019?? 🤔
Min Bajunid
Min Bajunid Vor Monat
So hyped up for 2021 motogp damn you Dorna!
Jinan Aria
Jinan Aria Vor Monat
2020 f1:romain grosjean motogp:zarco,morbidelli and vinales
El Diablo 20
El Diablo 20 Vor Monat
Marc, Rossi?
Melanie ayshaa Fernanda
Melanie ayshaa Fernanda Vor Monat
But the new marini is called a high side monster
Nofal 96
Nofal 96 Vor Monat
Wtf, where's Vinales jumping out on a high speed?
Md.Nazrul islam
Md.Nazrul islam Vor Monat
Teguh Prinarwanto
Teguh Prinarwanto Vor Monat
now we need top 10 saves of the decade
Frank Mapogos
Frank Mapogos Vor Monat
Fuck me! Crazy
Albi dmc
Albi dmc Vor Monat
From the technical perspective, I hypothesize this may be caused by a mistake of throttle management or lose grip of the tyre. It is around 250Hp and at that speed, everything is not impossible. There might some gp that the weather drastically changed during the race too.
Nabil Naufal
Nabil Naufal Vor Monat
Hafiz shahrin's crash should be on the list. Thats a completely destroyed bike
Hairlokk Vor Monat
big oes but not the biggest
Higor Assis
Higor Assis Vor Monat
In the last crash, i think Vale was blessed, It would be terrible If one of those bikes had taken him..
Srini Krish
Srini Krish Vor Monat
Jack miller one the terrifying. No time to react.
Oktarian Maulana
Oktarian Maulana Vor Monat
the best crash is number 5 🔥 😂😂
Jaime CM
Jaime CM Vor Monat
Lorenzo in Assen!!
Hendy Arya
Hendy Arya Vor Monat
1:44 Oh my God
Herison RK
Herison RK Vor Monat
Old fans would remember the 2013 Moto2 pileup in Sepang. That is one of the biggest crashes I’ve seen
El Diablo 20
El Diablo 20 Vor Monat
Juan Rodillo SL
Juan Rodillo SL Vor Monat
Very disrespectful this
Resize Films
Resize Films Vor Monat
We already miss MotoGP.
Alvise Berti
Alvise Berti Vor Monat
such bad taste for a top 10 can only come from the top minds behind the worst editing team at motogp . And on top of that they didn t even bother to do some homework by going back in time . next is gonna be top 10 injuries of the decade... really sad
Ramiro Guerra
Ramiro Guerra Vor Monat
what about bradl in mugello??
robinkoluites Vor Monat
Also Marquez crash at 300km/h+ on the straight 😬😬
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore Vor Monat
Some pretty soft crashes for a top10. And it should be called top 10 in last 5 years except 1 of them.
Price Allen
Price Allen Vor Monat
The flash-bang graphics in between shots are absolutely annoying. Severely annoying and they ruin an otherwise great video.
Mirco Leonardi
Mirco Leonardi Vor Monat
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