Top 5 Crashes of 2020

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Crashes that changed the face of Championships! 🤯
2020 has been a year of some hugely impactful spills! 💥
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Muhammad Afif Wahyudin
Muhammad Afif Wahyudin Vor Tag
Moto 2 hafisz syahrin??
Nadun Chathuranga
Nadun Chathuranga Vor 4 Tage
bad video edition
GachaYT Vor 7 Tage
2:22 see the front of Valentino Rossi did you see that the jungle have FACE MARCO SIMONCELLI 😭😭😭😭😭
Asian Autosport 2021
Asian Autosport 2021 Vor 12 Tage
In MotoGP race at austrian gp most scary crashed, but suddenly I really won't watch it 😱😱😲🏍️💥💥🔴🔴🔴
Abdi Celik
Abdi Celik Vor 14 Tage
Kenan Çelik
Kenan Çelik Vor 14 Tage
MrSteffi Vor 15 Tage
Mc qq Wireless
Mc qq Wireless Vor 15 Tage
Ages of the tires.
hoyyoy Vor 16 Tage
Editor, do you need to flash the whole screen bright white and glitch at me every transition? Please proof watch your content full screen on your monitor in a dark room, then ask your eyes how they're doing.
leon challis
leon challis Vor 17 Tage
Not gonna lie I think Sam lows’s crash at Valencia should be included when he got nutted by the bike
Cams Guy
Cams Guy Vor 17 Tage
2020 worst year and worst editing.pls fire ur editor
Gamlspot ACI
Gamlspot ACI Vor 17 Tage
QRS RIDER Vor 18 Tage Ride safe
Gambo916 Vor 18 Tage
Franky.........2021 World Champion.........maybe!!
Bruce Sandford
Bruce Sandford Vor 18 Tage
stop glorifying crashes
Hussen J
Hussen J Vor 18 Tage
Okay you guys need to learn from F1 youtube team
Sven Schütt
Sven Schütt Vor 18 Tage
Everyone is clicking just to see the Zarco-Morbidelli crash one more time
Diamond.Cr00ks Vor 18 Tage
No .1 I watched live and it was my very first time watching MotoGP live. I was hanging off my seat.
stoic X
stoic X Vor 19 Tage
still with the annoying effects!
amir aiman
amir aiman Vor 19 Tage
look again...ausrtian gp
FisteInnit Vor 19 Tage
R.I.P Marquez
Keyza Rahadian
Keyza Rahadian Vor 19 Tage
1:55 Red bull is horor crash
Marsó Tamás
Marsó Tamás Vor 20 Tage
Red bull ring moto2 ???
Ace Yummy
Ace Yummy Vor 20 Tage
Dude imagine if that bike had decapitated Rossi. Thank the lard no1 was killed !!
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor 20 Tage
the list is supposed to be like this : 1. zarco & morbidelli 2. hafiz syahrin 3. marc marquez 4. luca marini 5. maverick vinales
Motosan Vor 20 Tage
La caída de Austria fue un auténtico MILAGRO... gracias a Dios que no ocurrió nada grave.
Banu Pgk
Banu Pgk Vor 20 Tage
MM93 when comback?
ahmad mirza
ahmad mirza Vor 20 Tage
Move out motoE crash, syahrin's crash in moto2 should be in second or first instead.
Joko Isnanto Dwiyantoro
Joko Isnanto Dwiyantoro Vor 20 Tage
1:55 Ausrtian lol
Sumit Shines
Sumit Shines Vor 20 Tage
Though Vale was shocked ...but he is made up of something else...he is rock solid and he is going nowhere....he is the heart of motogp...
Muhammad Ammar Abu Bakar
Muhammad Ammar Abu Bakar Vor 20 Tage
The crash happens when you show the number. What a bad editing. Shame on you
BriLian McKagan
BriLian McKagan Vor 20 Tage
1:41 130 km/h High Side wow
Vandatte Vor 20 Tage
stupid transition, this is why F1 makes better content than motogp
Pink Guy
Pink Guy Vor 20 Tage
Man can't wait for isle of man tt
Francisco Lang
Francisco Lang Vor 20 Tage
The editing is so bad it hurts my eyes. Luckily the add below the video is about eye care, thanks DEpost for the advise.
Hafiy Idraki
Hafiy Idraki Vor 21 Tag
RedBull Ring is dangerous crash. I'M SERIOUSLY
Levi Vor 21 Tag
Whoever edited this needs to follow the broadcast director into a cannon to be fired into the sun
lovelessissimo Vor 21 Tag
Proof that Rossi is the Chosen One.
cc Rider
cc Rider Vor 21 Tag
The editing SUCKS.
Tiziano Pegoraro
Tiziano Pegoraro Vor 21 Tag
Rossi was really really lucky in Austria...
Daniel Nomme
Daniel Nomme Vor 21 Tag
The last one just hurts my guts. Its a game of inches between life and death and life won that one! Could have been horrific..
Mr Lavish
Mr Lavish Vor 21 Tag
Appalling editing.
Eda Bean
Eda Bean Vor 21 Tag
Nobody gives a hoot about MotoE.
Mateo Vor 21 Tag
the safety gear these guys use is the most impressive part of this video
Ale Vor 21 Tag
Who da fuck edited this video?
Qistina Harry
Qistina Harry Vor 21 Tag
Franky’s bike almost hit Valentino. That’s scary af!
juan placencia
juan placencia Vor 21 Tag
I actually think mavericks crash, when his brakes fail should of been on this list.
iadminko Vor 21 Tag
MotoGP DEpost: We need the most exciting crashes for 2020! Video editor: Yeah, imma cut off the best closeups and add more flashes into the random pieces!
Alicia García Alonso
Alicia García Alonso Vor 21 Tag
Naila Hazna
Naila Hazna Vor 21 Tag
where is hafiz syahrin, maverick vinales, alex marquez and sam lowes ??? aron canet crash is terrifying too
No Luck JK
No Luck JK Vor 21 Tag
Admit it, you are expecting that the four-way incident between Franco, Zarco, Vinales and Rossi will be in the top of the list. Btw, why is Syahrin's nightmare-filled crash got left out again?
Noob editor, so sorry
Alison Creech
Alison Creech Vor 21 Tag
Surprised that the crash at the RB Ring between Bastianini and Syahrin was not in this list.
Cougar 5
Cougar 5 Vor 21 Tag
Holy fucking moly
Sri Yuni
Sri Yuni Vor 21 Tag
Hadir bos
Muge rider
Muge rider Vor 21 Tag
Crazy tho 👍
Faisal Adi
Faisal Adi Vor 21 Tag
there should be a epileptic seizure warning at the beginning of this video, who thought this effect is a good idea
Hocke Vor 21 Tag
The MotoE commentator with the pitch voice is awful to listen to!!
Reza Ade
Reza Ade Vor 21 Tag
Lmao.. Not worst but TOP .. XD
Ahmad Raffi
Ahmad Raffi Vor 21 Tag
How the hell they forget how is Syahrin "fly" austria
Matteo Milone
Matteo Milone Vor 21 Tag
The editing is simply awful!
Hataau Rider
Hataau Rider Vor 21 Tag
I love MotoGP.....I member everything all shot.........this year have more Drama and Danger......let's go
Nyeess! Vor 21 Tag
1:01 almost saying mother****ers
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG Vor 21 Tag
I thought Vinales had used all his 9 lives in avoiding a bike taking his head off his shoulders, but then he had to jump off his brake-less bike at 200mph the following week!
Hafizh syahrin?????
Mohammad Yuris Siaruddin
Mohammad Yuris Siaruddin Vor 21 Tag
So terrible crash
larry N
larry N Vor 21 Tag
Worst crash include Morbidelli... And 10 secs later, he be like : hey guys if you enjoyed watching the worst crash of my career ....😅
Arif Sulianto
Arif Sulianto Vor 21 Tag
Adi Syafiq
Adi Syafiq Vor 21 Tag
Where is moto2 accident at redbull ring,syahrin and inea bastianini crash more extreme than motoE.what the **** this editor.
MUHD AZRI Vor 21 Tag
Priya Arrachman
Priya Arrachman Vor 21 Tag
Always hate this year effect, so annoying
Yash Kumar Gautam
Yash Kumar Gautam Vor 21 Tag
Noobre Editors
Herlambang Bama
Herlambang Bama Vor 21 Tag
Pucek por yu
DelFathur Vor 21 Tag
So how many crash video you want? MotoGP : *YES*
Zen Nasihin
Zen Nasihin Vor 21 Tag
Crash kaya gini kalo di berita indo udah di blur wkwkwk
Firhan Rizani
Firhan Rizani Vor 21 Tag
Wtf the no 5 crash. Should include hafizh hit bastianini in this list.
soy nadie
soy nadie Vor 21 Tag
the editing really ruins this video, you can't see half of the crashes..
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX Vor 21 Tag
2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️
soy nadie
soy nadie Vor 21 Tag
When will MotoGP realise that nobody cares at all about MotoE?
Alkcair Vor 21 Tag
I personally would like to see those races on TV...
Vini Almeida
Vini Almeida Vor 21 Tag
Hot Girls Video XXX
Hot Girls Video XXX Vor 21 Tag
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
kikyaaeeaa Vor 21 Tag
You guys missed Enea highside on first turn at Austria
Rifat Susanto
Rifat Susanto Vor 21 Tag
Dineshsingh Kachave
Dineshsingh Kachave Vor 21 Tag
Who watched all this crashes live ▶️?
Yamaha 1200
Yamaha 1200 Vor 21 Tag
Marquez being out made for one of the best seasons in a long time just saying
Of Wolf & Man
Of Wolf & Man Vor 21 Tag
Fully agree. 👍
Jesse x
Jesse x Vor 21 Tag
Editor just throwing every transition file he has on the video with the most anoying sound ever
Michael Callander - Journalist
Michael Callander - Journalist Vor 21 Tag
I mean the over-the-top editing meant you couldn't even see the first crash. Good job as per 👏
I'm Andiyansyah
I'm Andiyansyah Vor 21 Tag
Moment crash moto 2 syahrin why not list?
Fitri Ae
Fitri Ae Vor 21 Tag
Toshiba - 1tb
Mattia Frattari
Mattia Frattari Vor 21 Tag
I feel bad for Marini, without that horrific crash he would have been world Champion. He truly deserved the title
Vector V
Vector V Vor 21 Tag
I agree. Marini was already about 60 point clear of the rest mid way through the season and was astonishingly good. Unfortunately this is how racing is though
143DREWID Vor 21 Tag
So Marquez deserves the title for his crash? What are you smoking? This is racing not social politics.
GokulKrish_M51 Vor 21 Tag
1:16 oh so that's why helmets are for. Interesting!
ToTo22 Vor 21 Tag
I hope Marc will be ok for next season, but let's be real. If he didn't crash, he will won the championchip and we had maybe 3 different winners in this year. And I think, this was the greatest season of all time in modern era. 10 different winners, no domination of one rider,... I think great year of motorcycle racing.
Nonth Ngamsangdumm
Nonth Ngamsangdumm Vor 21 Tag
Rossi & Marini Mother should be really glad that both of her son still alive
TP \ Fachry Ahmd
TP \ Fachry Ahmd Vor 21 Tag
stop trash grade editing lol
Jared _
Jared _ Vor 21 Tag
So lucky that nobody was hurt any worse in that Zarco/Morbidelli crash. That could have easily been so much worse.
Lintang Manha Zarin
Lintang Manha Zarin Vor 21 Tag
27 minutes ago
Guido Pisaneschi
Guido Pisaneschi Vor 21 Tag
Awful editing
Alberto Moschin
Alberto Moschin Vor 21 Tag
Worst edit ever
Max Woolrich
Max Woolrich Vor 21 Tag
I’m surprised Alex Marquez wasn’t in the top 5
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